Break Free Fitness provides motivation and support for all aspects of your fitness or weight loss journey. Paul has been a great supporter and motivator to someone like me who was unfit, unhealthy and carrying extra weight with bad food and drink choices. Not only have I shed weight and changed my outlook on healthy choices (included giving up soft drink) I can now ride my bike with the kids and do exercise activities that I couldn’t do and feel great. Paul has provided the one on one personal experience to make me accountable with weigh-ins and measurements. The achievements along the way are great motivation to keep yourself going. Break Free Fitness also provides a relaxed personal environment with great equipment. Paul will push you when you feel you want to give up he understands fitness and will keep you on track to achieve your set goals. Thankyou Paul for your fitness passion & motivation. I highly recommended training with Paul.

*Results may Vary for each individual.


I have now been training with Paul for a little over 6 months in that time I have lost 25 kg, I have reached my goal weight, I am fitter than I ever imagined possible, I can run 4km in 20 mins, 6km in 30 mins and 10km in 50 mins after never really running at all before training with Paul. Paul has shown me how to exercise, push myself and get the most out of myself and achieve things I didn’t realise I was capable of. Paul is very professional, has a great positive attitude, really wants you to succeed and is extremely passionate about getting you the results you want. I really like that Paul pushes me to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. Thankyou Paul with your help I am now a slimmer, fitter, stronger, healthier person. I highly recommend Paul as a trainer has a great attitude, motivates you and will help you achieve your goals.

*Results may Vary for each individual.

Olivia Parr

When I first came to train with Paul from Break Free Fitness, I wanted to put on some muscle as I was fairly skinny and had never done weights before. Paul taught me correct techniques, set out a training program, showed me what I needed to eat and taught me how to pack on muscle in the shortest possible time. I couldn’t believe how much my body had changed in just a few weeks, I could noticeably see the difference and the muscle was looking great, I was getting complimentary comments from people on how great my body was looking. I have now been training with Paul for over 12 months and in that time I have achieved great results and I am very happy, Paul has transformed my body. Thanks Paul, you are a great motivator, very professional and I highly recommend Paul to anyone that wants to achieve results.

*Results may Vary for each individual.

Steve Alki

I have been training with Paul for just over 6 months now, with fantastic results. I had been a yo yo dieter for many years and when I stopped the dieting I found the weight just went back on again, I have seen dietitians for many years with mixed results. When I first phoned Paul, I was not sure what to expect I did not like exercise and had no idea where to start. I was addicted to coca cola and as hard as my dietitians tried I could not give it up. I explained to Paul that I simply struggled to lose weight. Paul assured me that he could help me, at the time I commenced training with Paul I was still seeing a dietitian. Paul developed a program for me and motivated me to train (like I said I hated exercise). Eventually Paul got me to a point where I no longer needed my dietitian and through his continual persistence and perseverance I no longer drink coca cola. I now love exercise, I train 5-6 times a week and feel so much fitter and have more energy than I have ever had before. Plus I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible and I have actually managed to keep it off. Thank you Paul your dedicated passion for my well being is remarkable. My fitness and health has well exceeded all of my expectations.

*Results may Vary for each individual.

Tracey Rayment

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