Joe Tabone

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial, Paul Reid from Break Free Fitness has changed my life. I had been overweight for close to 10 years and weighed over 110kg. I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and high … Continue reading

Dirk Bellmann

When I first started seeing Paul from Break Free Fitness, I was overweight, eating as much as I liked and indulging way too much and my weight was just getting worse and worse. I had high blood pressure and heading … Continue reading

Steve Alki

When I first came to train with Paul from Break Free Fitness, I wanted to put on some muscle as I was fairly skinny and had never done weights before. Paul taught me correct techniques, set out a training program, … Continue reading

Narelle Italiano

Since I started training with Paul my fitness has really improved and I feel stronger and happier because of it. Paul has helped me with my diet and has motivated me to exercise more often. I love that Paul always … Continue reading

Emma Perry

I first contacted Paul 4 months ago. I had been a vegetarian for a few years and the effects of not eating meat were starting to show, I felt tired, unmotivated and needed an extra push. I was also looking … Continue reading

Alicia Herzog

Training with Paul has been the best decision I have ever made and investing in his time has paid off tremendously. Paul trains me 1 – 2 times per week and I have been training with him for 6 months … Continue reading

Cain Rattray

I started seeing Paul 2 months ago and prior to training with Paul, I had major back pain and had been seeing the Osteo at least once a week, without too much relief, but since I have started training with … Continue reading

Jonathan Ortega

In the 3 months I have been training with Paul I’ve managed to lose over 7 kilos and greatly improve my overall fitness. Paul has formulated an exercise regime specifically to target what I want to achieve, therefore allowing me … Continue reading

Bianca Gallace

Since training with Paul, I have quit smoking, maintained a healthy diet, increased my fitness and I am half way towards my goal. Break Free Fitness Studio is a fun environment and Paul makes you feel extremely comfortable. I would … Continue reading


About two years ago due to a knee injury I had to give up competitive tennis and also losing weight was something I couldn’t do due to my injury, so I decided to get a personal trainer. I have been … Continue reading

Tracey Rayment

I have been training with Paul for just over 6 months now, with fantastic results. I had been a yo yo dieter for many years and when I stopped the dieting I found the weight just went back on again, … Continue reading


Break Free Fitness provides motivation and support for all aspects of your fitness or weight loss journey. Paul has been a great supporter and motivator to someone like me who was unfit, unhealthy and carrying extra weight with bad food … Continue reading

Jenna Brannagan

I have been training with Paul for just over 3 months and in that time I have lost over 15kgs. Paul has taught me about better eating habits and helped me to make exercise a regular part of my lifestyle. … Continue reading

Olivia Parr

I have now been training with Paul for a little over 6 months in that time I have lost 25 kg, I have reached my goal weight, I am fitter than I ever imagined possible, I can run 4km in … Continue reading